Are you looking for significant trash collection savings while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint?

“The results are nothing short of incredible. Waste collection has been reduced from seven times per week to two. The litter and overfill problem on campus has been eliminated. Big Belly Solar cans are doing exactly what they advertise and more!”

Recycling Director, Georgetown University

BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Cans

BigBelly 100% Solar powered trash compactors have been designed for trash collection for municipalities, parks, universities, campuses, beaches and even corporate settings.  CleanTec and Big Belly Solar are proud to be partners in working for a healthier environment and eliminating the waste in waste collection through out Central and Northern California. We can help any organization reduce their carbon footprint and increase their green cleaning procedures and products.

BigBelly Solar trash cans are so energy efficient they can operate for eight years on the equivalent energy it takes to drive a garbage truck one mile. BigBelly solar trash cans are good for your budget and good for the environment.

The California Markets That Use BigBelly Solar Power Trash Cans

Solar Power Trash Cans for Cities & Towns

BigBelly solar power trash cans for cities, municipalities, and townsBig savings in small and large municipalities.
The common challenge cities and towns face: Reducing operating costs to balance the budget, while maintaining service levels. Cities and towns both large and small, can similarly benefit from taking whole-systems approach to their trash and recycling collection operations and analyzing how solar-powered compaction, integrated recycling capability and “SMART” wireless network technology can save millions of dollars in operating costs while greening their cities. (Click here for brochure)

Solar Power Trash Cans For Parks

BigBelly solar power trash cans for parksA proven solution for both urban and rural parks.
Many city, county and state parks have felt a real squeeze over the past year as they struggle to cut costs in the face of often severe budget cuts. But parks remain a vital part of our communities, providing valuable recreation and open space for citizens and visitors alike. (Click here for brochure)

Solar Power Trash Cans For Beaches

BigBelly solar power trash cans for beachesHigh visitor volume during peak periods often causes waste levels to exceed receptacle capacity. In other settings and seasons, limited activity may necessitate trash collection trips when there is little trash to collect. At both ends of the usage spectrum, process “waste” and unnecessary costs result – an expensive proposition and one that is difficult to manage. (Click here for brochure)

Solar Power Trash Cans for Campus Environments

BigBelly solar power trash cans for campus and universitiesMaking campuses greener and operations more efficient
We are pleased that colleges and universities have been among our customers from the beginning, and over this past year these institutions have purchased large numbers of compactors and recycling kiosks, many with the CLEAN wireless monitoring & notification system. (Click here for brochure)

The benefits of the BigBelly system are many.  But the key benefits that are of particular value for colleges and universities are those that seem to complement well four core goals that many higher-education institutions embrace and seek to advance:

Sustainability initiatives — promoting a greener campus with enhanced recycling and use of solar energy

Operational improvements – saving time, reducing work zones, and using wireless technology to monitor and manage assets

Financial results — savings accrue from reduced collection demands, and from increased recycling rates

Grounds beautification — reduced litter, contained waste, pest control, and consistent look